Tuesday, 20 September 2011

iac and janlokpal

how the corruption starts:
the govt officials 're delaying all the "day to day" regular processes.
for finishing these processes early, the public 're cornered to give bribe money.
so the public and the business people 're being pushed to create black money to give bribe to the govt officials.
because of to create the black money, they've to suppress the accounts and caught in the hands of the same govt officials and to give another bribe. so this's going on and on.
these chain goes allover the fields, even in judicial.
so the complete system 's been collapsed.

this doesnt mean that the public 're also indulging corruption, if the things 're on the right path way no corruption 'll be in india.

so the black money holders 're ready to puchase a 1lakh worth land to, by giving 15 lakhs.
and the price hike of gold also 's only because of the indian blackmoneys.

the poors'll only be the resultant sufferers. they cannot even see the gold in future, which is the worst ever happening in india.

strong janlokpal with high punishments can only cure the country in a short term span.

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